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Solutions – Digital and Cloud

The most complete platform to transform application performance into a competitive advantage by providing business insights, faster applications, and simplified operations

  • Digital Transformation
  • Visibility
  • Infra
  • SD-WAN - An intelligent and intuitive approach to designing, deploying and managing distributed networks
  • WAN Optimization – Deliver the best end user experience across the Hybrid WAN with accelerated performance of all applications.
  • Amazon Web Services - Simplify cloud networking, optimize app performance and improve visibility end-to-end
  • Microsoft Azure - Optimize the performance of cloud applications and simplify WAN management
  • Microsoft Office 365 - Delivering the best user experience across networks, locations and devices

Monitoring and Management

End-User Experience Monitoring

  • Extended visibility into end-user devices with a critical vantage point that is essential for monitoring end-user experience. Monitor the actual end user experience of any local, cloud, web, or enterprise mobile app running on any physical, virtual, or mobile device.
  • Pro-actively identify and rapidly resolve problems to ensure excellent customer service and workforce productivity.

End Point Management

  • Advanced Remote Control - Access your devices, anywhere, anytime. Powerful options including 6 different Remote Control protocols, shadowing Citrix or Microsoft TS sessions, one-to-many and many-to-one connections, plus other advanced features cover all your secure remote access needs.
  • Behind-the-scenes Help and Fix - Use behind-the-scene/screen tools to support users without interrupting them. Configure custom automations to quickly fix routine issues or pro-actively maintain system health.
  • Software and Patch Distribution - Quickly deploy new software or security patches on target machines for your existing applications without interrupting your users. Automate Microsoft patch deployment and get reports on installed/available patches.

Finther Monitoring Center (FMC) - Measure & Monitor

If you have difficulty answering these simple questions, you’re in desperate need of a solution :

  • What’s on your network ?
  • Who’s using it ?
  • How are they using it ?
  • Where are they accessing it ?
  • When did this all take place ?

Fintec Application and Network Performance Management focuses on proactive round-the-clock (24x7) performance monitoring of LAN/WAN networks, applications and voice (VoIP) systems. Our services allows clients to reduce ICT spending and make informed decisions based on fact.


  • Historical visibility and contextual analysis
  • Flow mapping - Information on how to use applications running on the network
  • Assistance in diagnosing network incidents
  • The detail of the volume of traffic
  • Measuring the use of links


  • View the flow of transactions on your applications whether virtualized or in the cloud and your users impacted by a degradation of response time
  • Identify and resolve application performance issues before they impact your users.
  • Speed up the delivery of new applications or enhancements
  • Identify root causes and optimize critical applications.
  • Better understanding of the functioning of production applications by controlling the interactions between components


  • Measuring the real-time health of workstations and their impact on performance End to End.
  • Realize rapid savings on licenses, impressions, posts, overcapacity, ticket management ...
  • Strengthen security management by detecting risk areas and non-compliant behaviors.
  • Improve support management by immediately understanding the user context.
  • Monitor in real time all the IT uses, including Cloud

Got a minute?

To Deliver IT performance, you need complete visibility. We offer a superior network performance management feasibility study for discovering, monitoring and troubleshooting your network and your critical applications.

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